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  • Enabling you to generate returns on your online advertisement efforts, the Cost Per Lead (CPL) pricing model compels to affiliates with large quantities of traffic, i.e. consumers who are interested in making profits on Opteck’s online trading platform.

    The Mega-thunder growth of the CPL advertisement has brought with it some much-needed restrictions to help prevent from unjustified acts to foul or stop it from delivering large streams of revenue to global affiliates. As such, Opteck, like the rest of the companies out there, has implemented some guidelines in its affiliate program in order to ensure its legitimacy, in particularly the lead’s validity. Thus, a validated lead is one which doesn’t apply to any of the following criteria; wrong number, invalid email or double lead.

    In our efforts to provide you with a simple and emphatic CPL model, we strived to build it with as little as possible restrictions, so you’ll hardly encounter any obstacles with your campaigns and that you further increase your profits with every new lead.

    Your earnings from Opteck’s Revenue Sharing (RevShare) model derive from any P&L made, making it a recurring source of income. In other words, you’ll earn a generous percentage of your leads P&L accounts, each and every month.

    Your biggest incentive of entering the RevShare model alludes to our policy to reset your customers’ account at the end of every month, and thereby ensure that at the beginning of the next month you start your RevShare deal with a clean sheet. We refer to this procedure as the ’Monthly Reset’, for you it’s a tool which ensures a monthly steady income, regardless to the last month results.

    Evidently, the biggest advantage the RevShare payment model gives you lies within the quality of our platform. Because we provide our valued customers with optimized trading conditions, they personally choose to continue trading, hence you continuously enjoy a steady revenue share.

    Justifiably the most popular affiliate pricing model on the Net, the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), also bears the most profitable conditions for you. The CPA model entails that every time a prospective customer funds their account, you earn your share.

    Your profits from the CPA model here at Opteck vary as we offer a number of different payment levels, exposing you to larger profits for larger deposits. Simply put, the bigger the deposit is, the higher your profit is. Additionally, a complementary service you can take advantage of involves the CPA diversification. To help affiliates whose traffic cannot be targeted as in their nationality, geographically, or their language, we have the technology to identify the traffic and pay you higher sums than originally expected.

    CPA’s bottom line harks to its flexible and rewarding structure, the model ensures that for every depositing customer, you make a profit. And better yet, due to the available levels, if your traffic’s quality is high, your returns are even higher.

    The Hybrid model enables you to maximize your profits by blending two or more models simultaneously. As an affiliate, your capability of combining various models into one solid product offers you the chance to further increase your profits, and for that specific cause the Hybrid model was developed.

    The Hybrid model enhances your profit margin as it allows you to earn on each step the customer undergoes. As our team here at Opteck’s affiliate program monitors the conversion stages of customers, namely registration, acquisition, first deposit, second deposit, etc., you have the opportunity to consecutively leverage from every step one after the other.

    Crisscrossing any of the other models into an independent revenue source guarantees that you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds- the initial commission and recurring commissions. In any event, the Hybrid model opens up for you a window of profit abilities.

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